• Beijing welcomes APEC landscape lighting in accordance with major festival standards

    On the evening of November 4, two residents took photos in front of the APEC lights in xidan, Beijing. 4 to 11 November, the Beijing municipal landscape lighting to follow by major holiday standard open during National Day, all cities will open all night view lighting, part of the building will also be open indoor lighting along the chang 'an avenue in the pervious to light.

    2018-06-26 1165
  • 21 cities and counties across the country have pledged to eliminate all incandescent bulbs by 2017

    21 counties and cities nationwide recently signed the "farewell to the incandescent light bulb, light wisdom city" initiative, will use contract energy management mode to accelerate the reform of the implementation of green lighting, such as 2017 years ago in the city within the scope of all the incandescent light bulb out, public institutions and large public buildings adopt efficient lighting products.

    2018-06-26 1169
  • Analyze the future commercial lighting design trend

    Some people say that consumers are paying increasing attention to the value of time. Many people believe that time is a luxury. This is a reflection and research on consumers.

    2018-06-26 1285
  • Can blue light LED enter the classroom?

    "The student had better use natural light to read a book, natural spectrum is seven colors", now, at the advent of eyeful day, the light source that guangzhou classroom AIDS in illume USES to arouse a part of expert concern.

    2018-06-26 1335


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