Analyze the future commercial lighting design trend

2018-06-26 1284

Contemporary consumer attitudes

        Some people say that consumers are paying increasing attention to the value of time. Many people believe that time is a luxury. This is a reflection and research on consumers.

        ELLE. WU,

        Business appears to be a competing for consumers' pockets of war, but in fact, more and more people realize that the time we compete for the customers, because he was dining at the same time went to the restaurant would be impossible to go to the dumpling shop. In this way, the time of the consumer has become a common concept in economics -- a scarce resource. Therefore, the terminal stores of the brand are all striving for the time of consumers in terms of products, services, shopping process and space experience.

        Riqiang Zhao

        As the social environment is getting better, consumers' aesthetics are improving. Consumers now pay more and more acceptable for consumption environment, and the consumption environment here is not necessarily a special decorate luxurious environment, but it must be make consumers feel comfortable, clean and special environment. So that's good news for designers.


        Future commercial space design trends

        Commercial space design should have the mission given by The Times, such as sense of The Times, innovation and foresight. The progress of society and the improvement of living standards have also made people put forward higher requirements for the space design of business environment, such as mall design and department store design. So what are the key points of future business space design?

        ELLE . WU

        I think the core of future business store design lies in three aspects: entry, stay and seduction.

        The first step is to think about the obstacles in the process of bringing customers into your brand terminal store. For example, whether the lighting is prominent in the surrounding environment, whether the form of the window conforms to the mainstream guidance of current consumption, and whether the design of the store recruitment is sufficient to express the unique value of the brand in color

        The second stop is to grab consumers' time on my brand. The more I spend, the higher the brand premium rate and the greater the brand value. Therefore, whether the scene of the brand store, shopping process, interactive experience, space atmosphere and light environment construction have the attraction points for customers to stay or not, is the key to the commercial space design.

        The third temptation is to have a hook that will attract customers back, which is where the time is given to you. Brand terminal shops in any link, can become the hooks, so as I mentioned before, like Sonic Runway that fit the environment interactive lighting devices will become the future creative window of the shop on the vision, in addition to the appearance of lamps and lanterns and material on the various kinds of airtime, digital technology innovation brought by the lighting system will bring new sensory experience to the masses, attract you in this time of yourself to it.

        Riqiang Zhao

        Future business shop, regardless of size, tend to be more delicate, I think the designers have to hold the characteristic of the store attributes, play, the relationship between the various elements of the store design products into the store, to make each store their own temperament connotation, creating a unique quality. But through the design build temperament and connotation is a big test of the designer, need stylist racking their brains to the idea, but only in this way do design, in the heart to win consumers looking back, stop.


        I personally think that the store is a cutting-edge commercial design, through the shape, color, light and space to display the joyful atmosphere, the use of the combination of dynamic and static smart lighting, combined with the holographic projection, multimedia and other modern skills, make static display vivid and lively atmosphere, strong like the immersive effect. In the future, the design trend of commercial stores is atmosphere and high-end. In the future, most consumers are from the post-1990 or post-2000 generation.



        With the popularity of e-commerce and the continuous renewal of online sales in the share of the consumer market, we have to pay attention to the difficulties faced by offline physical stores. How to get a piece of this competitive market? Business owners and designers need to think about this.


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